Refrigeration is a process of moving heat from a cold place to a warm place.

This is facilitated by a fluid (refrigerant) that attains different property states  when subjected to different physical conditions.

We at CoolBreeze Africa have Dedicated time and resources in learning the processes that make up refrigeration.

Over time we have dealt with some easy  and some not so easy challenges in our quest of getting solutions for our clients' refrigeration  needs.

Our refrigeration solutions range from; installation; maintenance; and repair of refrigeration systems

These solutions employs machines, parts and equipment that are highly reputable, affordable and are recommended  for achieving  the desired outcome.  

the following are some of the components employed in cold rooms and commercial refrigeration systems that we had the privilege of working with and gaining experience on.

1. Refrigeration Compressors

Danfoss refrigeration compressors

compressorsDanfoss is reputable for  providing energy efficient, sustainable and smart refrigeration compressors. This are used in varied range of commercial applications such as cold rooms, display windows, ice making machines, glass door merchandizers, process cooling etc.

Danfoss Maneurop reciprocating compressors are designed  to cover requirements in the  1kW to 20kW (1.5-26 HP) range.

Reciprocating compressors for refrigeration applications in medium and high temperatures with refrigerants R407A, R407C, R407F, R134a, R404A/R507A and R22.

Danfoss reciprocating compressors are used suitably  for parallel mounting (racks).

mtzMTZ: Designed for medium and high evaporating temperature (R407A, R407C, R407F, R134a, R404A/R507A).

NTZ: low evaporating temperature extended envelope (R452A, R404A/R507A).

MT: medium and high evaporating temperature (R22). MTM: medium and high evaporating temperature manifolding (R22).


Cold Room Compressors



Bitzer semi-hermetic piston compressor

Bitzer Compressors are  established and known brand in cold room refrigeration

Bitzer Semi-hermetic compressor are compact reciprocating compressors suitable for a whole host of refrigerants. These  compressors have  efficient suction gas–cooled motor, high-quality valve plates, wear-resistant drive gears and adjustable capacity control.





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